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What Does CBD Oil Taste Like?

Many men and women explain CBD oil as having a grassy taste. If you enjoy greens, earthy flavors, and things that have a bit of a bite like dark chocolate, then you will likely appreciate unflavored CBD oil.

Although nearly all people find it tolerable, very few would explain it as yummy or a flavor they would see if they weren’t looking for the advantages of CBD. Notice that we said, “very few.” There is a segment of the population that savors the flavor of natural, highly focused CBD. It is all a matter of preference, and if you prefer earthy flavors, then you’ll probably adore most CBD oils.

One of the most frequent complaints about unflavored, high-concentration CBD oil is that it may be somewhat bitter. Since we recommend that you keep CBD oil under your tongue for a minute or two to reap maximum absorption advantages, this can be a problem for those who genuinely do not enjoy the taste.

Keep reading, however. We’ve got some tips and options to make this experience more tolerable, and even downright pleasant.


Choosing a Carrier Oil

Because CBD is combined with a food-grade carrier oil, it will often take on the flavor of the oil it is combined with. The most natural carrier oils are:

  • Hemp seed oil – this oil has a nutty taste, reminiscent of walnuts, or sunflower seeds. If you are mixing this CBD oil with additives or drops, you’re probably going to enjoy this flavor. However, we do not suggest it for men and women who prefer subtle or sweet tastes.
  • Coconut oil – when coconut oil is refined, it has almost no flavor and functions as a neutral base. The natural taste of the CBD oil takes the primary stage.
  • MCT oil – because MCT oil has virtually no taste or odor, it is what we use for our carrier oil. It does not affect the organic flavor of CBD, and it will not conflict with our citrus and mint types, either. It has health benefits that are not too shabby, either. Try CBD King & Stone MCT oil in different favours like Vanilla CBD MCT Oil, Unflavored CBD MCT Oil, Peppermint CBD MCT Oil and Lemon CBD MCT Oil.
  • Olive oil – expect more earthy flavors when olive oil is listed as the provider oil. It can be overwhelming, particularly in reduced concentration CBD tinctures.If you are worried about unnecessary or conflicting flavors in your CBD oil, look for brands that list MCT oil or coconut oil.

Try Gummies or Capsules

If you’re searching for convenience or you should avoid the flavor of CBD oil entirely, then look at trying CBD gummies or capsules.

CBD gummies are yummy, and we have yet to meet somebody who did not like snacking on a CBD gummy or two. And, because they’re little and low-calorie, they will not inhibit the CBD’s potency as the chemicals go through your digestive tract before becoming absorbed into your bloodstream.

CBD capsules are another option.

You won’t taste any CBD at all since you are swallowing a pill. We do recommend consuming a CBD capsule on an empty stomach so that the CBD can pass through your digestive tract more quickly and get fast-tracked into your body.


By being aware of what to expect concerning flavor when you buy CBD oil, you are more likely to find a product you prefer. We do recommend trying both flavored and unflavored varieties to see which one you like best. You may surprise yourself!

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