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CBD Private Label

We proudly commit to using only American hemp. Our entire crop is grown in USA using organic standards. Hemp is a naturally hardy plant that requires little help to grow. Consequently, we use no pesticides or any other chemicals. This growing style guarantees a clean, safe crop to work with. With a fresh harvest in hand,

Create Your Private Label CBD Brand

We work with you every step of the way to develop a unique product that suits your brand. Private Label CBD clients can select existing products from our catalog or work with our chemists to formulate new offerings. Once you finalize formulas, you’ll work with our design team to create a label that represents your CBD brand. We have a label printing partner for your convenience, so there’s no need to source an outside printing company. This is also the time where we can add custom packaging. Boxes, tags, and more options await!

You even have a range of container and coloring choices for each product. Unlike other manufacturers, we do not send you to a third-party packaging provider to source packaging. We integrated that process too, meaning every sourcing step toward finished product is taken care of for you!

As a company, we have three core values: Quality, Transparency, and Education. We are humbled and honored to assist new brands entering a growing market. In fact, we hope that you can help us share these core values with the rest of our industry. To this end, our designers are here to help customize a range of comprehensive education and training materials for private label CBD clients interested in educating their staff. These programs prepare your employees to be hemp ambassadors in their communities. Therefore, your employees will help make ambassadors out of your customers, too.

Additional Services For Private Label CBD Clients

Our private label program is the first of its kind in the industry. In the past, the company that produced your products might have also offered label design. At King & Stone, our private label clients get much more than products and labels. As a matter of fact, our team will work with you from start to finish, providing advice and guidance as necessary. We have in-house graphic staff that work simultaneously alongside each account representative. We begin with discussing your needs for product specification, label and packaging design, and infrastructure also. Afterwards, we support that infrastructure by helping to implement a modern, effective website, engaging your audience to purchase. These steps include search engine optimization as well as shipping and logistics improvements.

Finally, we can help create marketing materials and advertising campaigns to grow your business into new areas. Each of these benefits combined into one program makes King & Stone unique to that end. We are presently the only private label CBD manufacturer that will help you build and manage an integrated, complete business. Moreover, the best part is that you’ll always have your dedicated team one email or phone call away. With so much to offer, you can leave the other work to us. You can then watch your vision come to life while you focus on what you love – selling your product!

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