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Myths and Facts: 6 Misconceptions about CBD For Dogs

A significant number of the population owns a pet they love and treat like part of the family. Pet owners dedicate their efforts to ensuring that their dogs are happy and healthy. In fulfilment of the goal, they adopt the use of different substances to improve the health of their pets. One such material is CBD.

If you love following up on the most recent world in the health care world, you’ve learned about CBD and the way that it’s making impressive headway because of its health benefits. From helping individuals relax to boosting better immunity, CBD has discovered its deserving place in the limelight.

However, it’s likely that you are not fully conscious of the wonderful strides that CBD is earning in helping our treasured four-legged, canine family member. If you’re still skeptical about the potential CBD holds for your cherished pet, then this article is exactly what you want. Before we start, be certain you buy CBD products to your pet from a reliable source only. King & Stone is a trustworthy source for buying CBD products to your furry friend, their high-quality assortment of products never disappoints.

We go deep into shedding light onto the marvels of CBD for puppies and the myths surrounding its usage.

CBD is one of those countless phytocannabinoids located in the cannabis plant. However, CBD comes from hemp, which is non-psychoactive. One more prominent compound in the cannabis plant is THC. The distinction between both is that while THC is intoxicating, in which it generates a high condition after ingestion, CBD doesn’t have such effects.

The reason why that CBD is in the middle point is the fact that it’s numerous therapeutic potentials. These include antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic properties, which are crucial for treating various medical ailments.

Unfortunately, despite the many advantages of CBD, some aren’t happy to see its usage flourish. Such people will warn you against its use, claiming it comes with many risks. Below we take a closer look in 6 of the greatest myths you will hear about the usage of CBD for your dog.

6 Myths About CBD for Dogs

1. CBD will make your dog “high”

This is one of the most common myths associated with the use of CBD for canines. However, because we had mentioned previously, CBD usually comes from hemp. Though hemp belongs to the cannabis family, it contains negligible levels of THC. Therefore, CBD does not contain enough psychoactive materials to get your dog high.

2. CBD will get your puppy tired and sleepy

Many men and women associate the usage of whatever from cannabis with getting super tired and dopey. Unknown to many, CBD doesn’t have any sedative properties, unlike other compounds in marijuana, such as THC. CBD simply helps your pet feel better by alleviating various infection symptoms, thus making the puppy more relaxed. Researchers also assert that pets with CBD sleep better and wake up billed (1).

3. Dogs can overdose from CBD

CBD extracted from the natural hemp plant is a harmless item. It has numerous health benefits that assist canines to lead a better quality of life. There have been no reports of CBD deadly overdoses, especially in dogs.

4. CBD oil is Illegal

Many men and women tend to confuse CBD with marijuana. Some even use both terms interchangeably, thinking they mean the exact same thing. CBD is merely a chemical derived from various strains of the cannabis family. Though marijuana is illegal, CBD is legal in multiple areas of the world. Since CBD does not contain THC, then there’s absolutely no reason to word it as illegal.

5. You can give your pet CBD goods designed for individuals

Many folks assume they can utilize their CBD products because of their dogs, but this is quite wrong. Though CBD goods for dogs and humans might be rather similar, their concentration levels may differ considerably. The reason is that your metabolism and weight levels are not the same as the ones of your dog. The dosage for human CBD products is too concentrated to get a puppy.

6. All of CBD products on the market are the same

When you look for CBD products on the current market, you have to be careful as some businesses may have tainted CBD products that may not be safe for the dog. The quality of all products are not same. A pure and efficacy CBD product requires you to dig a bit deeper into your pocket because the suppliers are also willing to go the extra mile of providing you with great excellent CBD.

As you now know all the myths surrounding the use of CBD for your dog, you can now create a secure choice of utilizing it. By the above info, you can see that CBD not only helps your dog feel far better, but it can also help you treat and manage other serious problems like seizures, appetite loss, insomnia, nervousness, and so forth.

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