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CBD for Dogs: How to Calm Your Dog with Separation Anxiety?

Dogs are considered the most loyal companions and the best friend that a person can have. People nowadays are willing to pay more for the care of their pets as compared to people in the past. They are considered a part of the family by many people and are subsequently treated with just as much importance.

Why Do Dogs Suffer From Separation Anxiety?

If you own a dog and come home to find it’s immensely happy to see you as it spins around and energetically tries to jump on top of you, but upon a closer examination of the house you notice that your cushions and shoes have been chewed mercilessly while also receiving complaints from the neighbors that yet again, your dog has been barking and yowling in your absence and disrupting the otherwise peaceful neighborhood. Such circumstances indicate that your dog has been suffering from separation anxiety.

Dogs are usually found in groups and packs and are rarely found wandering in isolation in nature, thus they experience anxious feelings when left alone. Being a friendly animal, it becomes even more crucial for dogs to be surrounded by their owners for their well being. In fact, some dogs become literally depressed if their owners leave them alone for a long time.

How To Deal With Separation Anxiety of Your Dog

  • Training the dog:

One of the most effective ways in dealing with your dog’s separation anxiety by taking it out for walks before leaving them alone in the house. The walk should be as brisk and taxing as possible so when the dog is left at home, it can rest and sleep instead of dealing with its anxiousness. Whenever leaving the house you should make it as uneventful as possible as this gives the idea to the dog that the time that is to be spent apart is not at all a big deal and it will be over soon, this includes avoiding any form of touch or eye contact. If you feel like you will miss it and should bid it a proper farewell before leaving, you should do that well before you actually have to leave. In this way you can show it the desired level of affection without instilling fear in it that you are about to leave soon. 

  • Taking one step at a time:

Another effective way in reducing separation anxiety in your dog is by starting out small with the time intervals that will be spent apart. This means that before leaving your dog, prepare it for the separation. Start by five minutes then extend it to twenty and then an hour and continue to increase this time daily without making any sudden changes that might worsen the anxiety. However, that’s not all that can be done. There are some natural ways to help your dog overcome separation anxiety as well. One of these natural ways is the use of essential oils. 

  • Using essential oils to calm your dog:

Essential oils are powerful natural oils extracted from plants. They have different therapeutic properties. Some of them have strong antimicrobial properties, some of them can relieve pain, some can reduce inflammation. There are quite a few essential oils that are extremely calming to the nervous system. These oils have been proven to be able to ease anxiety in both people and some animals, including dogs.

Of these oils, some that have recently gained popularity is CBD oils that have proven to be the best organic CBD oils for dogs with separation anxiety. The oils of this nature are available in the market to reduce the symptoms of separation anxiety in dogs. These can be administered with care and caution.

Getting an opinion from a vet is advisable in this case to avoid any unforeseen circumstances and effects that might arise from the use of such oils.

The aforementioned discussion indicates the importance of noticing various behavioral changes in your pets and making sure they are dealt with in the best manner. Dog owners are becoming more and more inclined to look after their pets with as much special care as possible. It stands true for today’s youngsters as well, as they care for their pets as part of their family and are always looking for better ways to curb any difficulties that they might face especially separation anxiety. 

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