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Do You Know the Benefits of Using CBD Lip Balm?

CBD lip balm is a popular new product at the moment and increasingly more and more satisfied customers swear by its benefits. Unlike conventional lip balms, an excellent CBD hemp oil-infused lip balm has additional benefits because of CBD’s anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties.

However, before diving into CBD lip balm benefits and the reason you should transform it into your go-to product particularly in very cold or windy conditions, let us see why CBD, cannabidiol, is (still) therefore controversial.

The CBD Controversy

Cannabis-derived beauty products have gained more and more grip in the last few years because the American people has gotten more accustomed with CBD oil’s perks when applied topically. Plus, in less than a decade, enormous progress has been made toward hemp cultivation legalization.

In 2014, when the U.S. Congress passed legislation which allowed state farmers to grow and harvest hemp locally through pilot programs, CBD oil products started to permeate faster the U.S. economy as manufacturers no longer had to rely entirely on hemp imports. Together with the 2018 farm bill, federal lawmakers raised the 82-year-old ban on hemp cultivation in the USA, starting a market that it’s predicted to jump into 22 billion in the following 3 years.

But, despite their increasing popularity, CBD hemp oil-based beauty items continue to be depended upon as people confuse hemp-derived CBD having its more potent cousin, the marijuana-derived CBD. Even though hemp and marijuana belong to the exact same plant family, Cannabis Sativa, also possess almost the very same appearances, hemp includes no THC or significantly less than.3percent per dry unit, meaning it won’t assist you to get high no matter how long you smoke or munch about it.

Therefore the great thing is that adding a CBD chap-stick to your lips will not wreck with your perception of reality even when you are into the not-so-healthy habit of always licking your lips.

Chapped and Dry Lips: Causes and Best Treatment

Chapped, or badly dry, lips are often Due to these factors:

Exposure with environmental factors, such as very low temperatures, wind, or very dry and hot weather.

Dehydration, which means that you do not drink enough water for the human body to function correctly; dehydration may also be brought on by excess alcohol consumption, sugary drinks, a lot of coffee, and drinks filled with tannins, such as red wine, teas, and some kinds of fruit juice.

Nutrient lack – Vitamin B lack may explain cracked lips, rashes, and dry stains on your skin. Additionally, zinc and iron deficiencies tend to be behind chapped or unusually dry lips.

UV damage – Wearing no sun protection on your lips often leads to inflammation and dryness.

Some drugs and supplements, such as chemotherapy medication, antihistamines, or supplementation together with retinoids and lithium.

Constantly licking your lips — which could only make dry lips worse.

Underlying medical condition — Split lips, particularly within the corners might be a tell-tale sign of an underlying medical condition known as angular cheilitis.

Leaving dry and chapped lips untreated may cause excess flaking, inflammation, redness, swelling and even bleeding. Furthermore, if your lip problems are caused by angular cheilitis, then the condition may be an indication of more severe health complications, such as Chron’s disease, diabetes, anemia, and some kinds of cancer.

In less severe cases, cracked and dry lips can also be repaired by averting the said risk factors and encouraging recovery through simple natural home remedies, such as aloe vera gel and a high-quality lip balm.

However, perhaps not all of lip balms are created equal, and some of them may do more harm than good. In some cases, once the thin coating of product evaporates from the lips, then the lip balm could make lips even drier, and you’ll feel the temptation to re-apply it compulsively. This really is the case with the majority of subpar lip balms.

Fortunately, that isn’t the case with CBD lip balms, as the CBD oil may seal moisture from your lips, preventing them from becoming dry or flaky.

CBD Lip Balm Benefits

Now let’s look at the CDB lip balm benefits. Thus, what can a CBD lip balm do and exactly what makes it shine glowing among conventional lip balms?

Beside leaving your lips smooth and shiny without getting them oily, an excellent CBD lip balm may also help alleviate inflammation and pain related to flaky, dry, and cracked lips. There also have been reports by numerous users around using the lip balm on shallow cuts, which helped them to heal faster.

Additionally, because of its healing-promoting properties, a CBD lip balm might work wonders on severely chapped lips with only a couple of applications, a feat not possible to pulled off by conventional lip balms.

As an additional bonus, CBD hemp oil is filled with vitamins A, C, and E which promote a healthy and glowing skin while slowing down the aging processes.

Beside the vital ingredient– whole plant extract of hemp, our Organic Coconut Mango CBD Lip Balm is packed with moisturizing, soothing, and hydrating organic oils and plant butters which will keep your lips soft and silky smooth all day long.

It is worth noting that lips deficiency oil glands, which means that they won’t produce protective oils by themselves. This is precisely why we’ve added organic coconut oil, organic Jojoba seed oil, also organic argan oil – to name only a couple of — into the CBD lip balm to make sure that your lips stay hydrated throughout the day without the need of constantly re applying the product.

What is more, all our ingredients have been sourced with the well-being of the environment in the mind and the standard of each individual ingredient is first class so that both your body and the planet obtain the proper treatment they require.

One common problem with the majority of commercial CBD lip balms is their eccentric taste or fragrance. Luckily, we were able to deal with this matter too by enriching our lip balm with organic mango flavor oil to offer it a subtle mango taste and fragrance, which makes it among the greatest tasting lip balms with CBD available on the marketplace.

Additionally, the laundry list of organic plant oils and butters in our product is proof that you may not put on your lips or on your body anything that is non-natural or toxic.

You can buy our Organic CBD Lip Balm below, or have a look at our full CBD product line here!

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