How did King & Stone begin?

King & Stone began as an idea to solve a simple problem: Make it easy for guys to look great!

The co-founders noticed that there were shoe companies offering a subscription model for women's shoes, but that no such solution existed for men's shoes. These companies were focused on addressing the problem of a very regular, personalized shopping experience: customers could not begin shopping without taking an extensive style quiz, for example.

King & Stone had a different idea, letting the brand identity be a dependable style aesthetic, and instead focus on making the entire process as easy as possible for men. Launching initially through a successful Kickstarter campaign (you can see more here:, the shoes were offered only on a subscription basis.

While customers loved the brand and the products, there was a great variety of needs of when they wanted new shoes delivered. Some liked the quarterly model, others wanted monthly deliveries, and still others wanted a spread out delivery timeline.

Armed with this feedback, King & Stone has relaunched as a more traditional e-commerce site, still making it easy for guys to look great, and enabling guys to get their new shoes on a schedule that makes sense for them without the rigidity of a subscription model!

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