What's in a Name? Ever wondered how King & Stone names our shoes?

When King & Stone started, the Mission for the company was simple: make it easy for guys to look great! Part of that mission was letting our customers know that they can rely on King & Stone for on-trend styles, with good quality, at an affordable price. 

This inspired the name for the company: Kings, heads of nations who people throughout time have depended on for leadership and protection, and Stones, objects impervious to change over incredible amounts of time!

We wanted to imbue every element of the company with this theme and the goal behind it, including the naming of our products. Thus, every shoe style of King & Stone is named after ancient Kings, and every color is the name of a Stone!

Do you have any King name suggestions we should use for our next collection? Email us here and if we select your suggestion, we will send you a special gift!

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