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About Us

About King & Stone CBD Products

Why Choose King & Stone as Your Source for CBD?

Our mission is simple: help a growing group of consumers discover the CBD product that meets their needs. We aim for people to lead happier, healthier lives as a result, in part, of our hemp-derived items.

We achieve this goal by taking every step possible to lead the industry towards higher standard, bringing with us the highest-grade cannabidiol oil the market’s seen. 100% free of THC, our hemp extracts are proudly grown using only sustainable, organic farming practices.

Together, we want to share the power of CBD with the rest of the globe, understanding the potential health and medicinal properties cannabidiol may have and the vast number of people it could help.

Over seventy percent of all CBD products sold online are mislabeled, so we’re paving the way to make a difference that stops these inaccuracies. By batch-testing and getting things right the first time, every time, we work to move the industry forward with better practices that stick because we produce a quality that stands out from the crowd.

We settle for nothing less than the highest quality CBD oil products so that our consumers can reliably count on something effective without having to try countless brands before they get it right.

Committed to providing you with the finest CBD products available, we keep our eyes open during the entire cultivation and then manufacturing process to ensure potency and accuracy through every means possible.

Who Could Use CBD? 

Technically, any adult over the age of 18 could find use for a CBD product – even if they don’t have a specific health issue or symptom. Even for those consumers that feel great, taking CBD every day can help regulate the endocannabinoid system to potentially make you feel even better.

In fact, everyone is different, so you may experience benefits that are different from the norm. Discover your reason for why you might consider taking CBD and try King & Stone today, as we almost assuredly have the type of CBD product you’re looking for.

What Sets King & Stone Apart?

There’s more than just one reason.

The entire team here at King & Stone is loyally dedicated to providing you with the finest quality hemp products, delivered straight to your door quickly and efficiently.

Achieve Overall Health
Our products keep our community even stronger and healthier, achieving goals they didn’t think were possible and finding relief throughout the process. We’re moved everyday that we can touch so many lives with our products, and it’s one of the driving forces that keeps us always shooting forward for more innovative, unique, and premium quality CBD choices.

Simplify Your Ordering Experience
We make it easy to order and receive any CBD product purchased through us, whether online or in-person. Simple, convenient, and made with the user in mind, we’ve tailored your shopping experience around you, your interests, and your needs to help ensure you find the product that’s best suited for you. Legal in all 50 states, we can have the hemp-derived, safe, and easy solution delivered to you punctually.

Cut Out the Middleman
Did you know most of the CBD brands you can shop with online are just sourcing all their products from some other CBD brand? We wanted to cut the extra overhead for our community and take the middleman out of the equation – so we did. Our products are potent, accurately tested, pure, and simple, just like our business model.

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