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10 Ways to Relieve Gout Pain Naturally

Did you know that approximately 4% of Americans suffer recurring gout pain and inflammation? This specific type of arthritis is a challenging health condition associated with periodic pain for millions of people around the world. Gout is not only frustrating as it may hinder routine activities but is also very difficult to manage. 

Gout can sweep you off your feet.

Yes. No kidding. 

But this is certainly not the happy kind of experience. Gout is characterized by swellings and sudden bursts of pain in your feet, which are especially restricted to your big toe as a result of uric acid build up in the body. Abrupt and intense episodes of pain owing to this, known as gout attacks, can make it feel like your whole foot is on fire and can be very uncomfortable to live with. 

While preventative medications make it possible to minimize the effects of gout, turning to natural ways to relieve gout pain is what we advocate. Healthy lifestyle changes and CBD oils are such natural remedies. Many patients suffering from recurring gout pain and even chronic arthritis have resorted to CBD as a way to alleviate symptoms associated with the diseases.

Truth is,  CBD oil benefits for gout are gaining more popularity and the reasons are simple and logical: CBD is natural, has medicinal benefits and potentially no side effects. Along with CBD though, there are other natural ways to keep gout pain at bay. 

 Here are 10 ways for relieving gout pain naturally: 

  1. Intake of fruits:
    A survey conducted in 2016 indicates that cherries in every form are a potentially successful remedy in treating gout and it may also be helpful in preventing and eliminating the chances of having a gout attack. Bananas and apples have also been known to lower uric acid levels.
  2. Rest:
    Gout attacks can hinder mobility and movement due to which sufficient rest should be administered to avoid the symptoms from worsening. When the joints become inflamed it is important to stay relaxed and any exertion or physical activity should be avoided.
  3. Hydration:
    One of the simplest and the best treatment for gout is to stay hydrated. If you are suffering from any swelling or pain caused by gout then you should drink plenty of water as this helps eliminate uric acid outside your body and keeps a control over gout.
  4. Herbal:
    Ginger, milk thistle seeds, hibiscus and nettle tea are some of the herbs that can treat and diminish the symptoms of gout owing to their specific properties and various uses as they can reduce inflammation and minimize pain.
  5. Reducing Stress:
    Increased levels of stress can enhance the symptoms of gout and make the condition worse because of which it is important to elevate any sources of stress in your life. You can do this by meditating, yoga, journaling, listening to music, taking a walk or any other method that you deem appropriate.
  6. Elevating Affected Joints:
    Gout can cause pain and inflammation in the joints which can be treated by elevating the affected area as this ensures the flow of blood and fluid away from the inflamed joint thus relieving the pain.
  7. Increasing Fish Intake:
    Fish has naturally been found to have anti-inflammatory compounds which are generally good for the overall health. Some research indicates that certain types of fish are helpful in the reduction of the levels of uric acid.
  8. Lemon Juice:
    A study conducted in 2015 indicated that people who drank lemon water by adding the juice of two lemons in 2 liters of water every day experienced reduced uric acid levels as this neutralizes the uric acid present in the body.
  9. Apple Cider Vinegar:
    ACV is a simple yet effective home remedy for gout. The acidity of vinegar helps reduce inflammation while alleviating pain. You can add a teaspoon of ACV into a glass of water and drinking this 2-3 times every day.
  10. Hot/Cold Application:
    Applying hot or cold water may be effective in reducing the inflamed area and may relieve some pain as well. This can also include the application of ice packs.

In addition to these natural treatments for gout, CBD oil has also been proven to be helpful as it reduces its symptoms and is considered a safe treatment.

It is a naturally occurring chemical that has been known to affect the response to stimuli of the pain receptors thus reducing pain for gout patients.  The interesting phenomenon used by CBD to treat Gout is its phytocannabinoid properties. These properties hold great promise as a powerful analgesic without adverse effects. Using these properties, CBD makes the network of endocannabinoid system (receptors) in our bodies to balance pain, managing key processes that include mood, memory, appetite, and inflammation.

In addition, CBD works to increase levels of anandamide produced by the body. Anandamide is a compound that binds with CB1 receptors to block the body’s pain signals, providing relief from the discomfort associated with acute gout attacks.

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